Congratulations to this year’s prize winners

The Lynton Trophy                                                                   Beth Guest
The Barry Senior Trophy                                                          Evie Alderson
The Gwen Girdham Trophy                                                      Ethan Borg-Jackson
The Walker Cup                                                                       Charlotte Geddes
The Mime Trophy                                                                     Owen Noble
The Silver Jubilee Trophy (Humorous Verse Primary)    Olivia Peacock
The Read Trophy (Primary Duologue)   Ethan Borg-Jackson & Max Harte
Helen Veall Memorial Trophy (Original Verse Primary) Harry Griffiths
Maureen Needham Trophy (Prose Speaking Primary)   Owen Noble
The Fields Trophy (Solo Dramatic Primary)                              Faith Singh
The Anita Jackson Trophy (Duo Mime)                                    Owen & Niamh Noble
The David Masterman Trophy (Humorous Verse Years 9 ~ 11)            Julia Hall
The Silver Trophy (Humorous Verse Years 7 ~ 8)                    Elise Richardson
The Festival Rose Bowl (Solo Dramatic Secondary)                  Romy Smithson
The Dallas Rose Bowl (Secondary Duologue)         Scarlett  Mitchell & Sasha Skinner
The Jacky Fridlington Trophy (Religious Verse or Bible Reading       Jonathan George
The Dora Grace Memorial Trophy (Shakespeare)                     Evie Henderson
The Kitchenson Shield (Group Mime)                           The Crowle Set
The Gostick Shield (Secondary Choral Speaking)                     South Axholme Academy
The Lady Sheffield Shield (Infant Choral Speaking)                   St Augustine Webster
Catholic Primary Academy
The Chamber of Trade Shield (Junior Choral Speaking)            St Norbert’s Catholic Primary Academy
The Shakespeare Shield (Theme Class)                                     Park Primary School
The Mitchell Trophy (Adult Choral Speaking)                           Joint Winners
Reflections, St Norbert’s Adults and Castledyke Adults

Festival Bursaries     Individual Primary                                 Jacob Dunstan
Individual Secondary                            Evie Henderson
Primary School                                     Castledyke
Secondary School        Melior Community Academy

Summer School Bursaries

Scunthorpe Musical Festival Bursary                                         Daniel Marsh
Maypole Bursary                                                                      Millie Hart
Great Coates Bursary                                                               Emily Barker
Scunthorpe Little Theatre Club Bursary                         Romy Smithson

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