I am delighted to welcome Priscilla Morris from Hinckley as our adjudicator. This is her first visit to Scunthorpe, though she has been associated with the Festival as a tutor at our Speech and Drama Summer School held in Lincoln.

The committee and I hope all the performers enjoy taking part. We love watching so many young people speaking out, appreciating literature and gaining in confidence. Well done to all of you!

Thank you to parents, grandparents and friends who come to watch and support and particular thanks to the teachers who find time to train and encourage their students. Somehow they manage to squeeze rehearsal time into their busy work schedules. Without them we would have no festival.

I would also like to thank our secretary, Jane, who gives up a week’s holiday for this section, the committee for their hard work throughout the year and all our stewards.

We are proud to have three full weeks of festivals in Scunthorpe, for Dance, Music and Speech and Drama. In total we have about 40 volunteers and without them our festivals would not be able to run in such a friendly, efficient way. Despite costs continuing to rise we have tried to keep our prices as low as possible.

Thank you for your support.

Simon Preston