Music Rules


1) Those who gain or have gained the principal part of their livelihood by Music, Elocution or Dance may not compete. This restriction does not apply to conductors who may be either professional or amateur.

2) No person either junior or adult may be substituted for a performer originally entered.

3) All performers must be present 15 minutes before the time stated on their performer’s ticket so that Own Choice music may be collected prior to the start of the class.

4) When a test piece is Own Choice, the choice will be taken into account in awarding marks and a copy MUST be provided for the adjudicator (and accompanist if necessary). Failure to do so may result in only a report being given.

5) All choirs, orchestras, groups and ensembles should be entered under a distinguishing name.

6) Certificates and trophies will be awarded at the end of each class.

7) Performers winning a trophy may have it engraved at their own expense. Should any damage occur whilst in the winner’s possession, it must be reported to the Co-ordinator immediately. Trophies should be returned in a clean condition to the Co-ordinator at 59 Maple Tree Way by the date stipulated on the syllabus.

8) The festival does not allow performers to be accompanied by any recorded music.

9) The festival provides an official accompanist if required by performers.

10) Where there are time limits, performers must adhere to them; failure to do so will result in marks being deducted.


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