Music Rules

Rules for Performers

1  Those who gain or have gained the principal part of their livelihood by Music may not take part in the Festival. This restriction does not apply to Conductors who may be either amateur or professional.

2   No person either  junior or adult may be substituted for a performer originally entered.

3   All performers must be present 15 minutes before the stated time on their performers ticket so that the class may begin on time and allow for their own choice music to be collected prior to the class beginning.

4    When the Test Piece is Own Choice a copy must be provided for the Adjudicator. Failure to do so will result in only a report being given

5     All choirs, orchestras, groups and ensembles should be entered under a distinguishing name or title.

6    The  Certificates, Trophies etc will be awarded at the end of each class.

7    The performer winning the trophy may engrave it as long as there is room and at their own expense. Should any damage occur whilst in the winners possession it should be reported to the Secretary immediately and all trophies should be returned in a clean condition by April 30th 2020  to the Secretary at 59 MapleTree Way.

8    The Festival does not allow performers to be accompanied by any recorded music. Official accompanists will be provided by the Festival during the week.

9     Where there are time limits in classes performers must adhere to them, failure to do so will result in marks being deducted from their performance.

Rules for Parents

Please note that Videoing and Still Photography is Not allowed in any of our Venues due to our Child Safeguarding Policy the exception being Scunthorpe Telegraph who may attend sessions For Publicity  Reasons.

Should you not wish your Child to be Photographed please inform one of the Stewards

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