Dance Rules



1) Performers age to be taken as on 1st March 2019. Performers may only compete in their correct age group and must be prepared to produce their birth certificate on request. Teachers are reminded that a performer’s correct age must be on all entry forms.

2) In all classes time must be strictly observed. RANDOM classes will be timed. Times will be checked from the first movement of the dance.

3) In the event of an early conclusion to any class, the committee reserves the right to commence the following class earlier but no earlier than 30 minutes before the stated time.

4) Performers must dance in programme order, report to the Stage Steward at least 30 minutes before the start of the class and be ready in the wings before their number is announced. Requests to perform at different days and times will be declined.

5) The Festival Committee have provided an amplifier and equipment for the playing of cd’s and minidiscs. To ensure the smooth running of the Festival, all recorded music must be ready to operate immediately the number is announced. Can teachers please ensure there are not long introductions before the music commences. Can music please be provided on discs with one track per disc.

In ALL song and dance classes, no vocals should be used on the backing tracks. Performers may be disqualified if using music with original vocal recordings as backing.
In ALL classical sections, no vocals should be used by performers, either spoken or musical. Performers may be disqualified if this is the case

7) In all classes 82% marks must be gained for a 1st Award . Honours Certificates will be awarded to all over 80.
Performers must be present at the adjudication to qualify for a medal place.

8) In all Group, Troupe and Production Classes entries may be used for 2 years only. Following this they may not be used for a FURTHER 2 YEARS.

9) Junior Groups, Troupes and Productions -these classes must not include performers 13 years of age and over. One older dancer is allowed in Babies Groups only (see Class 28).

10) There must be a minimum of 6 performers in all Groups, Troupes and Productions.

11) Senior Groups, Troupes and Productions -should it be necessary to include performers under 13 years of age in these classes, they may perform, providing they number less than 50% of the Group.

12) In Group, Troupe and Production classes a maximum of 3 entries per school is permitted.

13) In order to comply with theatre fire regulations, props. should be brought on the day of the performance and removed the same day.
14) A combination of pupils from different dancing schools in Groups, Troupes and Productions must be entered under one school name only.

15) Duet, Trio and Quartet Classes – No performer shall be allowed to dance more than once in the same class.

16) In Duet, Trio and Quartet Classes one substitution only may be allowed in the event of unforeseen circumstances, i.e. illness. The Secretary and Backstage Steward must be notified of changes before the commencement of the class.

17) A performer winning a Novice Class after the entries have been received and prior to the Festival, must inform the secretary and must compete in the Open Classes. a dancer who has previously danced in an Open section at any festival cannot return to Novice Class for that discipline.

18) In all ballet classes it would be preferable if the choice of music did not include works from the better known Ballet scores.

19) The Committee reserves the right to refuse entries in excess of 1250 as agreed by the Committee. In the event of over subscription the committee reserve the right to accept entries by geographical distance. Priority will be given to consistent attendees over the past 3 years. We welcome entries from all dance schools, this will only be applied if over subscribed.
Please note that schools are allowed a maximum of 225 entries.

20) Full time students at vocational dance schools or colleges may not compete in the Festival.

21) Teachers are reminded that the Lyrics in all classes must be suitable for an audience with children. Any inappropriate lyrics may be penalised.

22) Please be mindful that props must comply with the Theatre Health and safety regulations. Particularly we will not accept glass, naked flames e.g lit candles, liquids. We reserve the right to remove any props that are considered dangerous or inappropriate/do not fall in line with Theatre Regulations.

Specifically; no substances or items are to be deposited or used on stage which could cause harm or injury to other performers (for example – glass, powders, liquids, wood splinters). Any infringement of these rules may lead to performers being disqualified.

Note:- please remember anything left on stage has to be removed before the next performer can begin. Please be mindful of this when planning.

23) ALL TEACHERS must have read and signed the enclosed Child Protection Policy and Data Protection and Privacy Statement. It is the TEACHER’S responsibility to ensure all parents and children have read and are aware of our Policies.

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